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What is O-WN

O-WN is a free to play 4X browser MMORTS that takes place in a sci-fi fantasy universe where humanity had to abandon planet earth and colonize other planets in unexplored until then galaxies. Your task is no other than the survival of the human race, for that you were given command of one of the many colonization spaceships that left earth. In you quest to create a new home for humanity you will have to explore the unknown space and interact with others that call this new world there home, human or otherwise.


Your adventure begins by claiming your first planet here you will have to build a thriving city by developing new buildings and researching new technologies that will let you create a fleet of space crafts to help you gather resources fight your enemies and expand your empire to other planets.
Vast Space
Vast Space


When your units travel away from home to gather resources or map the area they will encounter alien and forgotten civilizations. Inside their ruins you can find currency and recipes of their ancient but powerful technology that you can use in your advantage.


In the vast universe you will encounter others trying to claim their place like yourself, work together in an alliance with your friends to protect your assets and create complex strategies by strategically combining your fleets to prevail against your enemies. Together you can find of any threat that the universe sends your way.
Vast Space
Vast Space


To cover your empires needs you can also trade resources spaceships and various items with other players. you can manage this transactions yourself or use the in game actions house where you can make a profit in tokens to play the game truly for free.

Make Friends - Chat

Communication between the players for chatting, trading or “unfriendly” negotiations will be always easy and available through our in game live chat.
Vast Space
Vast Space

Leader board

Leader board will show the names of the greatest leaders in the Galaxy. Only those that improve their power and adapt their strategies to this ever changing world will manage to keep their place and claim prizes.

and So it Starts...Among the Stars

Beta testers welcome and have fun.
Please report any bug or feature you see.

This is only the beginning...
Vast Space