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Vast Space

Our 3rd close beta test is about to start!

Register and login is fast and easy, play the last beta version, check the new features and live a whole new experience with the - better than ever - O-WN game.
The new beta targets 1000 active players, so hurry up and get one of these rare keys and join us on December 23. And it is only the beginning…
We are proud to announce that many gaming sites are writing articles about O-WN

Do you want a free a beta key? Be the faster…

Come and register as a beta test user and we will check if you meet the criteria to become our next beta tester!
or visit the our affiliates sites and get one of the few free givaways keys.
(Links Update Frequently)
Vast Space
Vast Space

Who wants to be alone on a planet immigration?

We are working on UI right now. New graphics and styles on chat.
Get together with your friends, allies and enemies too through our new, upgraded chat that offers you new potentials and features.
Pick your own avatar image to differentiate from others
Whisper to your allies to plan an attack
Send emoticons to all users
and Communicate with new users like in no other video game.
You will have the chance to maximize or minimize chat in-game!
We are also add channels so you can communicate with your friends, clan, private and even public chat!
We try to give you a better experience in communication which is a very important part in our game.


O-WN is not only a video game. It’s a whole incident, a whole story.
It has a beginning, yet not an end.
Check out our Comic section, read the story behind the game and live the experience through the illustrated narration and learn why all these incidents happening…
Vast Space
Vast Space

Develop with us

Tell us your thoughts about our game, suggest new ideas and features or point our flaws and help us improve O-WN to create game that fits perfectly to your style.
Lets work together to make O-WN, OUR OWN - YOURS favourite video game through our forum.